Getting outside on those first mornings of Spring, when the air itself smells fresh with possibilities...
and maybe also a little bit like soggy worms.


Summer afternoons spent at the beach, going from sand to swimming and back, over and over...
while collecting all the best rocks and shells too, for an epic sand castle.


Sitting around a campfire on those chilly Autumn evenings, trying to roast the perfect golden marshmallow...
but maybe just burning the outside instead because it's faster.


Winter nights, curled up in a cozy spot, wearing comfy PJs, reading a favorite storybook...
with the soft shoulder of a loved one to lean against.

Unique paper-saving printing

& easy-to-assemble pages.

Thorough instructions for the sewing

success of all levels of sewists.

Patterns are designed for budget

friendly fabrics, like cotton & fleece.

Patterns are designed for play!

With comfort & practicality in mind.

Thoughtful features & techniques,

with twists to make them unique!